IT is about people!

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We love IT, but think not enough is being done to adapt its use profitably by small and medium sized businesses.

We owe our existence to our parent, LearningMetrics Ltd, for which we provide a fully cloud-based IT solution. We realised their IT requirements are universal, so decided to offer our expertise externally as well.

We are business consultants that use IT to solve business problems. We found that many IT consultants attempt to solve IT problems in isolation and often at the expense of the business lines supported. So we wanted to be different and provide a service that has a direct impact on your business.

We want you to leverage your operational resources effectively and profitably.

We are business consultants

Small and medium-sized companies today have to fight through a jungle of IT development, not only on the desktop, but also in terms of communications. Increased use of mobile communications add to the confusion. Different call plans obscure the total cost of your communications and even fixed broadband connections come with artificial data transfer limits. If you are located in serviced offices you pay extra for each telephone connection - even when all are using the same phone number.

Then there is the question of shared computing. Whether you solve this by using in-office servers or through co-located servers in a data centre - or even using the cloud - there is a bewildering array of cost structures, which serve to confuse rather than to solve issues.

We know it is a tall order to change everything in one go, so we have broken the business processes of today's organisations down into manageable chunks. And then we have provided a solution to solve each issue. This way you can take your business transformation step-by-step without missing a beat in the most important area of your business :
in front with your customers!