IT is about people!

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How We Do Business

  1. We have a meeting. You tell us what you want. We ask you what you've already got.
  2. We write a report of what we think you told us you want - and what we think you need to get there. We send it to you.
  3. You read the report and sign it when you agree we understood your requirements. You send this back to us.
  4. We get to work on the agreed date. We send you an invoice for the full amount.
    • Our fees are low for a reason : we want to attract your business. But, we don't want to attract any problems, so we ask you to pay in advance.
  5. On the agreed date we deliver the installation with documentation and all necessary passwords.
  6. That's it : You are good to go!

What If...

"What if I do not agree with what you think I said?"

  1. We speak to you on the phone to clarify the discrepancy. We send you a new report.
  2. We continue from item 3 above.

"What if you deliver late?"

  1. We will ask you for a 7-day grace period if we are almost done. You cannot charge us a penalty.
  2. If the work requires more than 1 week over the agreed delivery date you can charge us a penalty of 10% of invoice amount per week after this date.
    • We will pay this to you at the end of each week we are late.

"What if you deliver everything as agreed, but I do not like what I see?"

  1. This should never happen, as we are working to agreed objectives. But, if it happens anyway:
  2. We will go back to the agreed requirement to see where the perceived discrepancy originates.
  3. We will ask you to clarify your concerns in an email to us.
  4. We will try to match item 2 and 3. Within limits we will try to rectify the installation to your satisfaction.
  5. We will do this once without extra charge.