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"Who cares about storage?"

"I don't even know where my files are!"

"We keep our files on the C:drive, so we know they are safe!"

Comments like these are not uncommon, but if you depend on your data in your business you are already past that point. When you have multiple users, or even multiple groups of users, you normally work with shared storage for your files. This means a file server of some kind. Maybe a shared storage space on a single desktop computer, maybe a server in the office, perhaps even a dedicated NAS server.

But what are the problems with storage?

  • Does your file storage system constantly fill up? Are your disks getting full? Do some of your users hog storage space over and above the average? Do you find that specific users blow their storage quota regularly, while others have acres of unused storage space?
  • Is your file server installed in the office? Does it have an IP address and external access? Can your users access their files from outside the office?
  • Have you ever had a hard disk break down during the working day that left your users unable to continue their work until another was acquired and the back-up restored?
  • Are you planning to upgrade your file server, but worried about the transition, when important files could get lost? What about security?

If you can recognise any of these issues, we can help you manage your storage and develop an expansion policy for your system. This will avoid any outages or loss of critical files. If you need universal access to your data, we can put them in the 'cloud' for you. We can show you how to encrypt your data (making it secure) on your server and use VPN tunnels (Virtual Private Networks) to move your data around and store it securely.

1. Quota driven file storage Don't let a few users hog your whole storage space
2. In-transfer and in-situ encryption Protect your data from theft
3. RAID (redundant array of independent disks) Protect your data storage from disk failure
4. NAS (network attached storage) Make your data accessible to local network users
5. Expandable Expand your data storage space without having to duplicate the previous storage
6. Accessible over the Internet Gain access to your data whereever you are - safely!
7. Back-up Protect your data against accidental loss - back it up!
8. iSCSI Create very large and expandable storage space easily
9. S.M.A.R.T. Powerful monitoring of hard disk condition and failure alert feature - makes your sleep more peaceful!
10. Cloud-based Put your data storage where your people can access it - safer and with more uptime than you can in the office!

We use FreeNAS, Openfiler and a host of other technologies running virtualized on Linux servers to achieve fast, money-saving results for your organisation.


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