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Telephony - SMS and IM - Fax - Email



Are your phone bills killing you? Not just in the office, but your out-of-office calls? It is all well and fine that each telephone provider has their own account plans, but you are giving up a lot of flexibility when you have to stick with those. Have you ever tried to cost your telephone usage? Do you have many overseas calls? Have you tried to use Skype to reduce your phone bills?

Have you thought about Internet based telephony (IP)? This is not just for large organisations, you know! We can set you up with location independent telephony, so your people will always get their calls, no matter where they are, at Starbucks, in a hotel room, at a client site. Oh and did you know your bill will be just 10% of your current cost?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you can reduce your overall phone bill by hosting your own telephony solution in the cloud. There are numerous extra benefits from this, including picking up your phone anywhere in the world, hosting your own conference calls, local telephone numbers anywhere etc. This solution saves time and money and gives your communications a sophisticated facelift!

1. Low, low call cost Your communications budget will last longer
2. Click to call from Outlook - or any other enabled address book Very easy to use with most standard PC configurations
3. Record conversations Review and take accurate notes from important calls
4. Take your phone extension with you on the road Your clients think you are easier to reach
5. Hold conference calls Increase your prestige by hosting your own conference calls
6. Reach your voicemails from anywhere Answer your voicemails faster, make your clients happier
7. Speed dialling from anywhere No need to remember all those phone numbers
8. Screen calls before you pick up using the digital switchboard Handle call rejections gracefully and increase the chance the caller leaves a voicemail
9. Connect multiple sites using the same system Give the impression your company/office ar larger than it is
10. Use with remote, or home workers Reduce your office cost - keep workers at home
11. Set up local dial-in numbers in multiple countries Be a global corporation - impress your clients!
12. Customize/localize your voice greetings Impress your clients with special greetings - in their own language
13. Customize music on hold - stream your favourite Internet radio station Make a more lively impression on your callers
14. Receive voicemail via email Answer your voicemails faster - impress your clients
15. Create a virtual office with 100s of staff Today you - tomorrow the world!
16. Create a virtual call centre The zero-cost call centre is a reality
17. Integrate with SugarCRM and vTiger CRM software Prepare, make/place and document any call - all from the same computer screen
18. Set switchboard operating/business hours Be principled about your working hours - let your callers know you are!
19. As cheap as, or cheaper than Skype! Avoid the stigma of using Skype for business communication
20. Block caller numbers Do we need to give ideas for this?

SMS and IM

Have you tried to send the same SMS to more than one recipient at a time? Have you developed your SMS shorthand skills to avoid typing too much on your phone, but find it inappropriate for messages to clients? Have you ever had the need to communicate privately with someone on a conference call - whilst that call was in progress? SMS or IM are both very convenient for this purpose.

In the age of Social Networking short messages rule! Put the power of SMS to use for your business.

1. Send and receive Instant Messaging (IM) messages Faster to type an IM on a keyboard than an SMS from your mobile phone
2. Send and receive SMS messages from your PC/Laptop Reach multiple mobile users with a single message - excellent for event reminders, advertising etc.
3. SMS in low signal-strength conditions When there is not enough signal to place a voice call, SMS normally gets through anyway
4. Instant communication No mail server delays, as with email
5. Send and receive SMS messages from MS Outlook Convenient - if you use Outlook!


Do you use fax messaging? Although fast receding as a mainstream communications tool, faxing still serves a purpose in parts of the world where the communications infra-structure is different from where you operate. It is also useful for sending legal documents, as well as for broadcasting your corporate communication/advertising.

Why not get your own fax server that can be reached from anywhere in the world - to save you time and money, once again?

1. Send and receive paperless fax messages Never loose a fax because you are away from the office
2. Receive fax via email Get your faxes out of the office - even on your mobile phone!
3. Broadcast faxing Automatically fax a single document to a distribution list for newsletters, advertising etc.
4. Send and receive using standard file formats (TIFF or PDF) Easily store client faxes in your CRM system
5. Use Fax-over-Internet-Protocol (FoIP) Fax cheaply to any destination


Have you ever had trouble with your email? Is your mail server slow sending mails? Slow moving messages from one folder to another? Is your .pst mail-file reaching its limits? Do you find it time consuming to host your own MS Exchange Server (if you do)? Or, if you host externally, is it too expensive? Is the hosting company overcharging for extra space for emails? Do you regularly remind your workers to delete old emails?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you can benefit from a cloud solution - no matter whether it is a private or public cloud. On this point alone, you can save time and money!

1. No fake email space limits on your mail server Keep your email history forever
2. Fast mail server response time No more slow-downs because your mail host oversold their capacity
3. Maintain and use a central mail address book Increase your sent mail accuracy
4. Maintain and use group calendaring Integrate your mail and calendar information
5. Use any email client Integrate with MS Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

We use Asterisk, Elastix and a host of other technologies running virtualized on Linux servers to achieve fast, money-saving results for your organisation.


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