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Effective Communications


Nothing is more important in modern business than effective communications. Whether it be by phone, email, SMS - or even any of the social networking platforms - you cannot achieve sustainable business results without communicating with clients, suppliers, accountants, consultants, banks, authorities.

Nothing new, of course, it is just that the speed of innovation and change in all areas of communications has blitzed former truisms and presented a chaotic market-place where every service provider portends to offer an alternative to everything else.

  • Instant Messaging being overtaken by SMS, which again is being overtaken by, or is that complemented by, Twitter?
  • Telex (remember that?) being overtaken by fax, which in turn has been overtaken by email.
  • Fixed telephone lines being overtaken by mobile/cell phones, which in turn is being overtaken by VoIP, where Skype is just a proprietary version.

The question is how to make this jungle of communication technologies work, work effectively and work together? And that is just the technical challenge, but what about cost? Mobile communications are by far the most costly form of voice communication today, begging many to rethink the possibility of going back to fixed lines. Most find this not to be the answer - the mobile voice platform is well and truly out of the bag. So what to do instead? With mobile broadband from the handset being in rapid ascent it is not too much of a stretch to see Mobile VoIP as a solution.

National, and even international, calls to fixed lines are today effectively free, although you have to look to find the solutions. Calls to mobiles can now be had for a fraction of what the large carriers charge.


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