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Super Fast Analytics - Super Good for your Company

Statistical analysis of your business processes used to be for the 'Big Guys' only. Small and medium sized companies could simply not participate. This was partly due to exorbitant cost of the soft- and hardware needed, to the high cost of qualified staff to operate the machines and partly due to lack of data in sufficient quantity and quality.

This is no longer so. Open Source software tools allow you to set up key analytical processes that will give you priceless insights into your business at minimal cost.

1. Frequency distributions and confidence intervals Discover averages and variance in your time series
2. Descriptive statistics (frequencies, descriptives, explore, crosstabs) Think Excel Pivot-tables to the power of n!
3. Bivariate correlation Find relationships between two or more data variables from your business
4. Factor analysis (Principal Component Analysis and Principal Axis Factoring) Discover how much of the data variability is due to common factors - useful to know if your data series are influenced by external factors
5. Reliability Measure the internal consistency or reliability of your data
6. Linear regression Model the relationship between a dependent variable (say, sold items) and one or more independent variables (say, price/packaging/shelf location) to discover price elasticity, branding efficiency or optimal store lay-out
7. Nonparametric statistics (Chi-square and Binominal) If you cannot make any assumptions about the frequency distribution of your data, try these
8. ROC curve Use Receiver Operating Characteristic curve to analyse the efficacy of a variable as a predictor of a 'state of nature', important if your business is operating in a monopoly or duopoly position
9. Easy data input Imports various data file formats, including .csv
10. Full suite of charts and diagrams Display your results in publication ready format

We use R Project, PSPP and a host of other technologies running virtualized on Linux servers to achieve fast, money-saving results for your organisation.


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