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Open Source - What Is The Cost Of Free?

1 day
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Course Objectives

The objectives of this one-day program are:
  •   to recognise the boundaries between 'personal' and 'business' software
  •   to be able to point to how business software can help develop your business
  •   to understand the difference between open and closed source licensing
  •   to understand how to calculate TCO for your business

Course Abstract

Today's business software market is highly sophisticated, with myriad 'tools' and 'solutions' to solve every conceivable business problem. As a result the market is much less transparent than you would like.
This course does not pretend to explain every possible combination of software and people. What it does do is to give you tools to estimate if your current investment in IT serves your purpose and to decide if you pay the correct price for your needs.

Course Outline

Session Title Session Description Time
The Boundaries of Business Software Business vs personal software
When and how does personal software get business status?
Office and Outlook - how does it work?
How to use software to create teams
1.5 hours
Business Software as a Problem Solver Know your business processes
How do you motivate your teams to work together?
The thinking behind operational leverage
Operating across departmental boundaries
1.5 hours
Open Source and Closed Source - What Is The Difference? What does licensing mean?
Developing software in a closed source world
The specific freedoms in open source
Which is the better solution?
1.5 hours
How Total Cost Of Ownership Levels The Playing Field Defining TCO in a business context
How to calculate TCO
Hidden license barriers in closed source
Cost of customization and development
1.5 hours

Target Audience

The target audience for this course include:
  •   Business proprietors
  •   Managing Directors
  •   Finance Directors
  •   IT Directors
  •   IT Managers
  •   Chief Operating Officers