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Have you ever lost your data, your settings, your applications, your operating system? Most people have - at one time or another. What did you do when it happened? Restored the data from your backup? How long did it take you to restore? A couple of days? A couple of hours? You could have it down to 10 minutes if you had called us, you know!

Oh, and your backups too! How frequently do you back up your data? Do you just back up your server, or individual workstations as well? Have you ever had a breakdown and had to restore lost data? Have you ever had a data restore fail (oops, many people do not think this can happen too)? Do you regularly test-restore your backed up data? Have you ever tried to restore from one of your backup files? Did the restore file work? Corrupted backup files are not unheard off, but most organisations never test their own backups. Gives you a false sense of security, doesn't it?

Do you keep your backed up data off-site? Have you tried to back up workstations on online services like Carbonite, only to find you reach the storage limit, or that the backup speed is throttled down the more data you back up?

A hard disk crash is enough to destroy your business, but why let that bother you? File corruption in your Outlook email .pst file? No worries! Windows 'Blue Screen of Death'? It is such a hassle to have to re-install and reconfigure all your applications. Even when your data is safe someplace else.

We don't want to harp about the damage to your business inflicted by lost or corrupted data. You do know what it costs to loose info about your clients, don't you? Loose your accounts system or records? Loose your work in progress?

But don't let that get you down! If you have experienced any of these issues, you can save time and money by implementing one of our data backup solutions. Call us now and get a quote for a standard solution, or for one tailor-made to your requirements.

1. Back up your data, your databases, your applications, your operating system, your server - anything you want Save your work and your time when the inevitable happens
2. Create automated backup schedules Don't be tied to a task list to remember backing up manually
3. Backup to local disk, network disk, to the cloud Be free to place your backed up data where it is most convenient for you
4. Encrypted backups Feel safe that your data will not be stolen by 'sniffers'
5. Create a Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) Make sure a hard-disk failure does not stop your work processes while waiting for a replacement
6. Create your own Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution No need to get a complete server up and running just to store your files
7. Use iSCSI for really, really large storage solutions Good for very large amounts of data
8. Manage everything through a web-interface Easy to use
9. Create incremental or full backups Internet backups must be incremental to save bandwith and time
10. Automatically backup all local machines to the server Your workers have enough to do as it is - spare them the effort to backup their machines
11. Backup Windows, Macs, Linux - any operating system You do not have to choose operating system based on your choice of backup tool

We use Bacula, rSync and a host of other technologies running virtualized on Linux servers to achieve fast, money-saving results for your organisation.


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