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Sales Leadership

1 day
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Course Objectives

The objectives of this one-day program are:
  •   to become familiar with thinking in sales terms
  •   to be able to determine your own personal strengths – and prove it!
  •   to understand how and where to change your style to get the deal
  •   to be able to use negotiation tactics to maximise your results

Course Abstract

In an IT world of rapid change the focus among professionals is very much on staying sharp and up to date on the technical side. This is a fallacy! Do not get dragged onto this never ending treadmill.
If you want to protect yourself from irrelevance and extinction, you have to boost your sales skills.
Look at it this way: Which is more likely to keep you fed – better sales skills or better database skills? Not much point in being a database expert if you cannot persuade the client to choose you to do the work in the first place!
This course/conference is designed to give you 10 easy to remember, easy to use tools to strengthen your self-confidence in front of clients and increase your conversion ratio from proposal to contract.

Course Outline

Session Title Session Description Time
What is 'Sales'? • How to sell a BMW?
• Any similarities to IT?
• It is a numbers game
• Inspirational leaders who can sell
1.0 hour
Personality Types • Description of types/theories
• How to read your own type
• How to read other people's type
• Personality types under stress
2.0 hours
Negotiation Tactics • Dealing with irrational buyers
• Anchoring
• Contingency contracts
2.0 hours
How To Manage Your Relationships • Building relationships
• Principled selling
• Consultative selling
• Be S.M.A.R.T.!
1.0 hour

Target Audience

The target audience for this course include:
  • IT Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • Sales Managers at IT firms
  • Thought Leaders
  • Managers at larger firms
  • Owners at smaller firms