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CRM & Sales


What, no sales pipeline? When your sales are project related or B2B, you need as much information from your sales force as you can get. Unless you have organised your sales in an incredibly innovative manner, you are unlikely to get this info from your current setup. Ever thought about CRM? As in Customer Relationship Management? There is no need to reinvent the wheel, you know!

If you have designed your own customer information system you are no doubt getting your requirements served perfectly well. For now, anyway. Did you know that over 95% of the functionality you have in your own system is available for free? How long did it take you to build your own custom-made system? How much did it cost? And yes, does it include an automatic pipeline generator with graphical drill down into the data behind the expected value of sales? Thought so.

Give us a call! You will save time and money!

1. Address and contact details on accounts and contacts Keep data and notes on your clients accessible in one place
2. Create hierarchies of interconnected contacts Make sure you know who reports to who within your client's company
3. Assign sales potential to accounts and collate a sales pipeline Track the potential sales value of all sales activities
4. Conduct an email campaign and track the results Easily touch your clients for marketing or sales purposes
5. Conduct a fax campaign and track the results When the client prefers fax communication, touch them that way
6. Keep your marketing collateral in one central location No more hunting around for the latest version of an important brochure
7. Keep a calendar and reminders about upcoming calls and meetings No need to remember each client call or when the next meeting has been arranged for
8. Share your calendar with your team Give the team leader a break and share the information easily
9. Send and receive client emails from within your CRM software No need to switch applications just to send an email
10. Auto-update your client records when sending and receiving emails No need to copy/paste from your email client software
11. Quickly record sales leads and convert them into contacts later Been to an exhibition or conference? Quickly enter business card info and use it later
12. Bulk import your own customer data No need to recreate your carefully compiled data
13. Run your own customer support with case management When clients have problems with their purchases - create a support ticket and follow it up
14. Sales pipeline Instantly check on value of expected future sales, based on probability of success

We use SugarCRM, vTiger and a host of other technologies running virtualized on Linux servers to achieve fast, money-saving results for your organisation.


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