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Event IT Infrastructure

CRM - Email Broadcasting - Bulletin Board - Video and Voice Conferencing

Whether you organise or send a delegation to a major event (a sports competition, an exhibition, Google Summer of Code, a LAN party, a political campaign) with more than 1,000 active participants, with more than 10,000 spectators, with TV coverage - you need an IT infrastructure to make it work. If the event takes place at multiple sites simultaneously or lasts for several days (or even weeks), you will be lost without the kind of support we outline here.

Fortunately, it is both inexpensive and easy to set up.

When the below solutions are set up on a server in the cloud, you practically only need to add a laptop and a WiFi connection to manage your delegation and their schedule.


Client Relationship Management systems were born to make the sales function in commercial enterprises easier to manage. But the functionality offered by modern CRM systems go far beynd the confines of the narrow group of professionals.

1. Address and contact details for all your internal and external contacts Keep data and notes on your contacts accessible in one place
2. Create hierarchies of interconnected contacts Make sure you know who reports to who within your contact's organisation
3. Conduct an email campaign and track the results Easily touch your constituencies to keep them in your information loop
4. Keep your documents in one central location No more hunting around for the latest version of an important meeting agenda or press release
5. Keep a calendar and reminders about upcoming calls and meetings No need to remember when each call or meeting has been aranged for
6. Share your calendar with your team Give the team leader a break and share information easily
7. Send and receive emails from within your CRM software No need to switch applications just to send an email
8. Auto-update your client records when sending and receiving emails No need to copy/paste from Outlook or other email client software
9. Bulk import your own contact data No need to manually recreate your carefully compiled data
10. Run your own support desk with case management When contacts have problems - create a support 'ticket' and follow it up

We use SugarCRM, vTiger and a host of other technologies running virtualized on Linux servers to achieve fast, money-saving results for your organisation.

Email Broadcasting

Email broadcasting in the context of a major event is used to keep external relationships and interest groups informed about your progress. Prior to the event you can mail newsletters describing your preparations. During the event you can broadcast news items and press releases. After the event you can present the total results achieved at the event, distribute thank you notes/congratulations and present the road forward.

1. Send and track mass emailings Faster and more efficient than with Outlook
2. HTML message template building Completely customize your email message
3. Real-time message statistics with graphic feedback Get immediate feedback on the results of your campaign
4. Upload email lists Automated process saves you time from manually entering each contact
5. Maintain customized subscriber lists Divide your subscribers into topic or geographical lists - or both
6. Create tailored, mail-merged broadcasts Increase the Wow-factor for your recipients by personalising your messages
7. Throttle the speed of sending emails Get around mail server batch or time limit restraints to send your messages as fast as possible
8. Drill-down analysis of mail statistics, from message to individual user Get high-quality fedback from your campaign
9. No limit to mailing list size Anything is possible - from small mailings of a few hundred to large information campaigns of several hundred thousand
10. User updateable preferences page Tie your users closer to you - let them update information about themselves

We use phpList, OpenEMM and a host of other technologies running virtualized on Linux servers to achieve fast, money-saving results for your organisation.

Bulletin Board

A bulletin, or message, board is the virtual equivalent of the traditional campus message board in the hallway, where everyone could look to see if there was anything of interest. Only, the virtual message board is much larger, much better organised and available anywhere there is an Internet connection. Also referred to as a 'forum'.

1. Email and instant messaging notifications Immediately inform your users that a new message has been posted on the board
2. Share files and other attachments Share documents easily
3. User- and group-based permissions Create sub-boards for specific interest groups
4. Private messaging Communicate privately with other forum users
5. Backup and restore messages Keep your messaging history in case of trouble
6. Configurable polling Ask questions of your users in connection with a message posting
7. Password user and forum access Secure your users privacy
8. Anti-spam tools Avoid getting your forums polluted by Internet spam
9. Full-text, customized forum and topic search Find a message, a topic or a forum quickly
10. Global and forum-based moderators Keep your forum alive, keep it maintained by official moderators

We use phpBB, MyBB and a host of other technologies running virtualized on Linux servers to achieve fast, money-saving results for your organisation.

Video and Voice Conferencing

Before and during a major event you need to hold meetings. Project meetings, progress meetings, team meetings, planning meetings, motivational meetings. You name it, there is a reason for yet another meeting. The trouble with meetings is the difficulty in getting invited participants into the same room at the same time. This is especially a problem when a large delegation prepares for the event from multiple locations and equally when, at the event, everyone is busy with their own schedule. The logistics in running meetings around dynamic environments can only be solved with the use of a conferencing platform.

1. Voice and video sharing Look at and listen to the presenter
2. Whiteboard with annotation tools Look at the presenters use of the whiteboard - add your own annotation
3. See the presenters cursor Follow the presentation easily
4. Assign presenter role to meeting participants in turn Increase participant motivation by letting them present
5. Upload and present PDF and Office files Share previously assembled presentations
6. Desktop sharing Show participants what is going on on the presenters computer
7. Raise your hand Participants can indicate when they have questions or comments
8. Screen capture and session recording Record a meeting and share it afterwards with participants
9. Multiple on-demand sessions No need for complicated booking procedures - just log in and go to a newly created meeting
10. Send out email invitations to participants Alert meeting participants to let them easily log into your new meeting

We use BigBlueButton and OpenMeetings (integrates with SugarCRM) and a host of other technologies running virtualized on Linux servers to achieve fast, money-saving results for your organisation.


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