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'The Company' - A Serialization

The Trials and Tribulations of 'The Company'

We hope you will find amusement in following the trials and tribulations of our team of gentle souls at 'The Company'. They meet everyday issues in trying to make their business operate well enough to at least pay the bills.

In doing so, they make just about every mistake possible related to their IT installations and their use. SEE IF YOU CAN SPOT THE ERRORS!

We think you will recognise at least some of the issues they come across. We hope you will smile knowingly when you do.

Follow the episodes and vignettes from their lives around our web site - for instance:

  1. Hello, Can You Hear Me?
  2. The X:drive Files!
  3. Surviving Backup Hell
  4. Streamlining the Sales Office
  5. Document Jack
  6. Jill's Big Project
  7. Did Anybody See Me Break The World Record?
  8. Statistical Dreams