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Business Analytics

Big Data - Big Analytics - Small Company

You do not have to be Tesco to make use of Core Analytics services. As long as you have data about your business you can start using it to gain further insight into its running and development. Five years worth of data should suffice and it should ideally be daily, rather than monthly or quarterly, although this is only for reasons of precision.

So, if you have sales data going back that far and if that data is available on a daily basis, we can start working on it. Moreover, if you have this data from multiple sales locations, we can then start taking correlation measurements using time, weather, employment or other economic and demographic baseline data.

Other interesting comparisons could be sourced from your web logs. How many clicks does it take to generate a sale? Which day of the week is the most active on your site(-s)? Where are your costumers located gegraphically? What was the weather like in those locations when your site was most busy?

Priceless insights can be extracted this way.

You can analyse your marketing and advertising spend against actual sales to gain further insight into the effectiveness and yield of your campaign efforts. This can help you identify the highest yielding advertising medium per Pound/Euro/Dollar of spend.

Any or all of these activities are costly to perform, when conducted in-house. Your people are already stretched to the limit doing what they do best: tending to your business. In the course of a normal business day these analytics are often excused as a 'nice to know, not need to know' feature. However, you do not have to spend a fortune, hire specially trained staff or wait a long time to work up this type of insight. A well prepared consultant can set this regime up for you in a short period of time.

Leaving you to 'push the button' to get results!


If you have the data, you can do this:

  • Summary Statistics
  • Crosstabulations
  • Linear Regression
  • Binomial Logistic Regression
  • Correlation and Covariance
  • Principal Components Analysis

When you create a regular regime of gathering and analysing your most important data, you gain the most valuable insights into how your business runs.

This will pay off for you, Big Time!


So what are you waiting for?

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