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DMS & Document Management


Document management - do I need it? Depends, but chances are you do if more than one person in your office work on the same document through several versions, or iterations. Even more so if the work flow involves people outside your office.

How do you share documents in your business? If you email from one person to the other, you end up in file-sharing hell. And your email server storage gets filled up faster. How much does it cost you to increase that space?

As an example, if two people work on one 10Mb document (no more than a Word document, with a few illustrations or an embedded spreadsheet) through five iterations with return comments/annotations and share the document via email, you end up using 200Mb of space (2 people[sender's and receiver's copy]+2 comments/annotations[sender's and receiver's copy]*10Mb*5 iterations). And that is if they are disciplined and wait sending the next iteration before receiving the other person's comments.

But look at this: if 5 people do the same, they use 1.25Gb of space(5+20*10Mb*5). And, if ten people work together this way, they will use 10Gb of space (10+90*10Mb*10). All for just one document! And only one of the team members updates the document! Enough said, but do give us a call!

1. Metadata and library proceedure Keeping data about your documents allows you to find them again easily
2. Document capture Easily transfer paper-based documents into your document management system
3. Indexing of document libraries Helps document retrieval for very large document collections
4. Word-string search and retrieval Powerful search algorithms let you easily search an entire library of documents with pin-point accuracy
5. Distribution in multiple stages Maintain control over master copy and distribution copies of documents
6. Document security Keep up with regulatory requirements for document security and control
7. Workflow and collaboration procedures Strong check-out and check-in procedure allows many people to collaborate on the same document with ease
8. Versioning of document series Keep track of documents that change over time
9. Reproduction standardisation Maintain pagination and other formatting when checking-out or publishing documents
10. Correction and final publishing Make proof-reading and review integral to publishing your document

We use KnowledgeTree, Epiware, Alfresco and a host of other technologies running virtualized on Linux servers to achieve fast, money-saving results for your organisation.


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